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Rodents are the most active animals that are most commonly found in houses, offices, shops, and many other places. Rodents like rats and mice breed fast and thus make a serious problem for you. They can infect food items in your home and thus can spread many serious diseases. Apart from this, rats and mice can also damage your property. Rats can also damage the foundation of your home and thus put you in danger. So, you need to opt for rodent control in Bangalore as soon as possible. And hire a professional rodent control service provider.

We Care Pest Solutions render the trusted rodent control services and help you get maximum satisfaction. We understand your concern related to rodents that can create serious problems and make your life horrible. Our professionals adopt the latest techniques and help you get rid of mice and rats quickly. Once we perform rodent control tasks, our professionals ensure that no mice will enter your premise. We have a team of dedicated experts who are highly trained in performing rodent controlling tasks.

Once you contact us for our rodent control in Bangalore, our experts visit your home to inspect the rodent issues that you face. They look for every corner that is prone for rodents to hide. We give you a proper assurance that you will stay in a complete mice-free and healthy environment. Our group of rodent control professionals has earned enough training to use cutting-edge equipment and tools to perform their tasks and help you live a stress-free life.

Be it using glue traps, bait stations, ultrasonic rat repellers, or others, we use various techniques to make your place rodent free. We at We Care Pest Solutions are your one-stop destination to hire professional rat control in Bangalore. We understand your expectation from a rodent control service provider and match your expectation by offering top-rated services.

What Our Rodent Control Services Include

We do everything to catch rodents in your home or offices and remove them fast from your premises. Our professionals perform a range of activities under our rat control in Bangalore.

  1. Baiting

It’s one of the most popular activities to control rodents and the most appropriate for commercial purposes. Our professionals keep bait stations outside your residence or business and work effectively to keep rodents away from your premises.

  1. Trapping

In this activity, our professionals ensure the proper placement of traps to catch rodents in your home and remove all rodents that are on your premises most efficiently. 

  1. Sanitation

As mentioned, rodents cause varieties of health issues and thus create a fully unsafe environment for your kids, and other family members. We use the right equipment to clean up the mess without taking too much time and help you live safely.

  1. Extermination Services

We render extermination services to those who are seeking to get rid of rodents permanently. Our rodent control services can help you overcome the issues permanently and get peace of mind.


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    Rodent Pest Control Packages

    1 BHK

    Rodent Treatment
    Rs 1600/-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100 % Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty

    2 BHK

    Rodent Treatment
    Rs 1800/-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100% Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty

    3 BHK

    Rodent Treatment
    Rs 2000/-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100% Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty


    Rodent Treatment
    Rs 2800/-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100% Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty
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    Frequently asked questions

    Well, pest control is a technique that involves controlling different types of pests that grow in houses, offices, shops, and other places. These can be harmful and make you unhealthy if not controlled.

    We control pests in your house, office, and other places through various methods, including general pest control, herbal pest control, cockroach control, mosquito control, rodent control, and many others. We choose the right method based on the level of infection and types of pests.

    Again, the cost of hiring pest control in Bangalore depends on the level and type of infection. Meanwhile, you can go through our pricing plans for different pest control. We have different pricing plans for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, and duplex for different services.

    The overall time that pest control services take to complete depends on the types of pest and also how much infection spreads in your home or office. In general, a single treatment is indeed enough to control the pest. But, certain pests like bed bugs and fleas need 1 or maximum 2 sessions.


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      "I hired We Care Pest Solutions last year. They have done excellent jobs. Professionals working with them are highly cordial and do their work honestly."

      Satish Uploankar

      " I am highly impressed with the way they handled the task. They are best with their approach and strategy and deliver outstanding solutions. They use advanced equipment and of course top-quality materials. "

      Shilpa Shilgaonkar

      " After getting served by We Care Pest Solutions last year, we are planning to hire them again with an extended contract. They are simply best for pest control solutions and never leave any stone unturned to offer top-quality solutions.  "

      Ranjith M B